Helena Paver

A Counting Cadet
Talk to me about your payroll needs!

Talk to me about your payroll needs!

As a trainee, I am getting involved with as many areas of the business as possible so that I can have a wide range of experience heading into my ACA exams. But for now, your payroll is my main responsibility.

My qualifications

BSC, Xero payroll certified

My passion

My passion is people. Having worked in hospitality for the last 8 years whilst at school and university, I enjoy working in a client-facing role that is both challenging and rewarding. At Altitude, I am lucky enough to be able to combine my love for people with my passion for all things numbers related. Now, if I could just find some way to include my obsession with Dungeons & Dragons I’d be three for three!

My story

When I was 15, I taught myself Elvish (yes, the language from Lord of the Rings). I have grown up all over the world but I somehow thought that this would be the best use of my linguistic abilities. Ten years later, I have yet to encounter any elves in person, but I am still holding out hope that Legolas might need his personal tax return doing…

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