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Scamp & Dude is an award-winning superpower infused fashion brand.

Famous for its superpower-infused leopard and lightning bolt loungewear and vibrant designs, Scamp & Dude is a British purpose-led brand with a huge heart.

Client details

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This last year has been a whirlwind for Scamp & Dude, but throughout all the chaos has been the calming influence and unwavering support that Graham and Altitude have provided my business. I feel they really get the ethos and mission of the brand and consequently have always gone above and beyond to help me realise my aspirations for Scamp & Dude.

Jo Sharp Scamp & Dude Founder

Business challenges

Scamp & Dude had achieved an amazing level of success and built a hugely successful brand by 2020. The next phase for Scamp & Dude was one that would see them scale the brand to fulfil the huge potential that it had created. The success to date created a fantastic platform for growth and the owner and founder, Jo Sharp, faced the pressures of growth and the opportunities that it presents. The management team had developed around Jo and through the pandemic, growth rapidly increased and the scale-up challenges and long-term plans became ever more important.

How Altitude is helping

Altitude began working with Scamp & Dude in the summer of 2020 as we were in the early impact of COVID-19 to the UK economy. We immediately got to grips with the business performance to date and spent time with Jo to understand her personal aspirations for the business going forward. Having reached that understanding, we then set about producing a plan to aid Jo in achieving and surpassing her aspirations. We produced an integrated three-way forecast and helped develop a strategic plan for the business looking at the short, medium and long term. Through maintaining the monthly accounting, producing the financial forecast, and regularly meeting remotely with Jo to plan for the long term, we have been able to help navigate the exciting growth of the scale-up journey to date that Scamp & Dude have enjoyed and set the structure ready for all the success that is still to come as the brand continues to develop so successfully.

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