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SMSW are a performance marketing agency run by business masterminds, maverick creators and tenacious strategists.

SMSW Media was started nearly 10 years ago by a seasoned rule-breaker with no interest in playing it safe, who was on a mission to show brands what happens when you don’t.

Fast forward to now and they’re a tight-knit team of boundary breakers with sales savvy, creative vision and specialised skillsets.

SMSW bravely creates exciting brand material that will get you seen, get you remembered and get you better results.

Client details

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Graham & Amy have made a huge impact in our business providing much needed honesty and clarity enabling us to make decisions based on commercial sense rather than 'entrepreneurial feeling’. They have changed the way I look at my business, injected life back into the business for me and the leadership team and helped to develop and hold us accountable for our short, medium & long term strategy. I consider Graham, Amy and the team at Altitude to be so much more than an accountancy practice; I see them more as our personal financial mentors. I have no issues recommending them, in fact we do all the time…to non-competitors of course!

Simon Wellstead Founder

Business challenges

SMSW first met Altitude in 2019 and became one of our first clients. Their success to date had seen them reach a point where they had a number of options as to how to move the business forward. Having grown from a small agency to a larger scale operation, there were a number of choices the owners need to make in order for the business to move forward. One of the key challenges was to understand the aspirations of the management and the impact of the choices that they faced. They had also had limited support in the internal finance function and were in need of business forecasting and planning to help them make the most informed business decisions.

How Altitude is helping

Altitude met with Simon, Laura & Adam to understand their journey to date and the business. We helped transform their accounting through the introduction of Xero and having understood their aspirations, we began setting out a strategic plan for the business. Altitude developed a financial plan that created real clarity around profit and cash flow while the budget demonstrated exactly what SMSW needed to do and created clear accountability over the key objectives.

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