Lucy Everard

Numbers Ninja
Talk to me about your business plans!

Talk to me about your business plans!

I love to plan, so being able to do this in my professional life is great. I know the importance of having accuracy in your numbers so that meaningful forecasts can be produced so let’s talk about your business plans and I’ll give you greater visibility of the future and the ability to make informed business decisions.

My qualifications


My passion

I love to help others and as a mother of two girls it is just in my nature to want to help everyone! I have a keen eye for detail and thrive on a problem to solve. I enjoy meeting new people and being part of supporting them on their journey.

My story

Growing up in Cornwall and Devon, the beach is my happy place! Now that I have two girls, I love to take them to see my family and let them experience the lovely beaches that I grew up around. We enjoy going on family adventures whether it is home or abroad, and we love being out in the great outdoors!

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