Melissa Spear

Tax Wizard
Talk to me about your tax strategy!

Talk to me about your tax strategy!

Together we can identify opportunities that fit with your business and personal goals. Having started my career as an accountant I have a strong understanding of the numbers and now as a Chartered Tax Advisor I really enjoy working with owner-managed businesses to achieve their goals in the most tax efficient way.

My specialism is innovation and the Research & Development (R&D) and patent box tax relief schemes, so please do talk to me about how your business is innovating and setting itself apart from your competitors.

My qualifications


My passion

As a busy working mum, I’ve come to understand the value and importance of time away from my work and life schedule. My friendship circle is my escape, my support, my companion on my life journey and so is one of the ways I re-energise and refocus for the week ahead.

My other love is pulling on my walking boots and just getting out and exploring the beautiful countryside that is on my doorstep!

My story

Ever since having a family, Christmas has become even more magical. I remember the build-up to our first Christmas as a family and taking my 8-week-old and mum shopping. It was very busy, but I was determined to not let that phase me with a newborn. Parking was horrendous and we only found a space right at the top of the multi-story.

The shopping experience didn’t disappoint and with lots of bags in hand we eventually headed back to the car. There was quite a buzz about, but I just thought it was the Christmas cheer. That was until we exited the lift back on the top floor of the multi-story and were greeted by 6 inches of snow!

Facing the very real possibility of not making it home that night we frantically did some quick research and were able to plot a very non-direct train route back home.

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