Phil Duffield

A Counting Cadet
Talk to me about your bookkeeping requests

Talk to me about your bookkeeping requests

I like finding out about what different businesses do and how they work. I’m learning about the importance of accurately capturing information and displaying it to help business owners see the bigger picture and how to grow it into the future.

My qualifications

AAT Level 2, Xero Certified Advisor

My passion

My passion is photography and road trips. I love going for UK breaks in my tiny campervan and finding new places to capture with my camera.

I enjoy both the technical and the creative side of photography and the ability it gives me to capture special memories and moments in time to look back on whenever I need inspiration or encouragement to go out and explore some more.

There’s nothing better than parking the van and throwing the doors open in the morning to see the sea or a mountain when you’re making your morning coffee.

My story

Last year my girlfriend and I did a tour around the highlands of Scotland and decided for some unknown reason it would be fun to climb to the top of Ben Nevis.

The Scottish weather is notoriously unpredictable and what began as a pleasant sunny walk soon turned into a pretty scary, slippery climb into a snowstorm near the summit.

Around three and a half hours in we were feeling pretty miserable and contemplated turning around, but we could just make out a few figures in the snow up ahead and what looked like a small building which turned out to be the shelter hut built on an old observatory site.

We decided to make one final push and finally made it to the top! Quickly took a few photos on my phone because the cold had killed my camera and began the long journey back down. We made it back to the bottom around 8 hours after we started and were soaked through and frozen to the core but had a huge sense of satisfaction that we’d done it!

I guess the lesson learned here is not to give up you might be closer to your goals than you thought, either that or wear waterproof trousers if you’re going to climb a mountain in Scotland!

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