WHAT A QUARTER! So much to achieved, so much to reflect upon and so much to CELEBRATE including…  moving into to our fabulous new office and furnished it with so much pink, grey and foliage that there is no doubt about the key colours in our brand!  learning how great it is to be back working around people, but that noise can be distracting! (Cue the request for Altitude noise cancelling headphones!)  🛫 Graham learning that working on a totally different time zone, whilst trying to stay on English time for 3 weeks is pretty exhausting, but that plane journeys can be very productive!  adding three new members to the Squad!  adding 35 new corporate clients to our awesome client list and helping plenty more with their accounting and advisory needs!  filing 101 VAT returns!  🕺  organising our first client event with a round table hosted by no other than our Digital Marketing Maestro!  celebrating with first Squad drinks in a lovely local bar where Graham felt far too old!  experiencing a lot of emotional ups and downs, but most coming through it all together!