A year of changes, challenges and growth

It’s been a year since we officially launched Altitude, and wow what a year it’s been!

The economic volatility arising from the pandemic and other global factors has had a significant impact on small and medium businesses across the UK with nearly two thirds seeing revenues decrease. That said, the overwhelming majority of these businesses however have managed to navigate their way through this unforeseen crisis, with careful planning and strong leadership.

Your journey is our journey

The word unprecedented is used so often to describe the last two years, but it really has been that. We are so privileged to have had the opportunity to help our clients find their way through these challenging times and support them in the unique Altitude way. Every hurdle our clients face on their journey, we are facing too. We are sharing our journey, and our experience with them from the unique position as an SME ourselves.

Challenging times have always also provided great opportunities, and we, alongside many of our clients have been able to capitalise on these to enable us to restructure, refocus and continue on our growth trajectories.

We are still learning and adapting every day, if the last couple of years have taught us anything it’s that in a flash everything that you thought was certain can change and you have to be ready for that!

10 things we’ve learnt in the last 12 months

💻 – We have fully embraced technology and there is no going back! (Online food shopping is a must!!)
👋 – We as human beings need connection, and we need to continually remind ourselves what we get from connecting in person that we do not get over a screen. We much prefer seeing clients face to face!
👪 – Family and friends matter more than we ever realised. We must make time to create balance in our worlds and continue to make space for them.
✋ – People working together can-do amazing things.
📉 – You can plan for stability, but you must prepare for the opposite.

🙌 – Making brave, bold, timely decisions can be the difference between success and failure.
📣 – Honesty is always the best policy! If things aren’t going well, you need to communicate that with your teams, refer to point 4!
💛 – Having a business partner is invaluable, to share the highs and lows, and to help with those tough decisions. If you don’t have one internally, make sure you have one externally.
🏠 – Flexible working really can work where there is commitment trust and respect.
💪 – We and our businesses are all far more adaptable than we think.

We continue to be extremely grateful to our team – our growing squad, who are all individually and collectively amazing, and to our clients who make us excited about both ours and their future.