Covid. Christmas. Craziness. Check out our quarter highlights! Thanks to everyone who continue to support us

Covid. Christmas. Craziness. What a quarter we've had, but we wouldn't change it for ANYTHING! Thanks to everyone who continue to support us and to our client who make us - here's our highlights:  We submitted approx 64 sets of Company accounts, with a whole week spare before Christmas!  We completed and filed 72 VAT returns!  🧾 We ensured more than 50% of our clients had their person tax returns filed and tax payments all advised within 8 weeks of the deadline. No mean feat!  🧑‍🤝‍🧑 We welcomed 3 new Squad members, Kirsty, Lucy and Melissa! Who have all fitted in amazingly and are helping drive our growth and enhancing our client service.  Secret Santa truly delivered, and even knew that Laura has a Chicken Nugget fetish, he must be magic!  We all managed to take 2 and a half entire weeks off over Christmas, and the world didn’t stop turning!