Anna Twaits

Chief Organizer
Talk to me about your admin and communication needs!

Talk to me about your admin and communication needs!

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for organisation, my role in Altitude is to help in any way I can – whether that be general secretarial tasks, organising diaries or helping you the client in whatever admin capacity you require. Communication is the key – I will endeavour to keep that communication flowing to make sure that whatever the answer, it is found and delivered.

My qualifications

Xero Certified Advisor

My passion

My passion is detail! Whether that be in my professional world of Altitude, whilst channelling my other passion of performing or whilst juggling life as a mother of 2 children. I thrive on helping people in whatever capacity I can.

My story

I like to think I am quite adventurous – having backpacked in Australasia at the age of 19 where I skydived and white water rafted and then moving to Asia in my mid-20’s living in Singapore and Japan for 8 years, where I had both of my children – there is many a tale to tell! There have been moments when I’ve somewhat questioned my adventurous decisions – not least whilst zip-lining from one island to another! A huge sigh of relief was breathed when my feet finally hit solid ground the other side…even more so when a few weeks later someone broke their back when the same zip-line malfunctioned!!

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