Graham Seddon

Talk to me about your business!

Talk to me about your business!

Over the last 25 years I have absolutely loved working with so many like-minded entrepreneurs. Having grown up in the midst of a family business, I love hearing the story of everyone’s journey to running their business. My main focus now is helping business owners with realising their aspirations and making the hard work of running a business deliver the desired outcomes. My main focus is identifying those aspirations, creating strategic plans and delivering budgets and management information to keep the focus on those goals.

My qualifications

MAAT, ACA, PGC (advising family business), Xero Certified Advisor, Xero Payroll Certified

My passion

Elevation! In every area of my life, I want to make things better and achieve higher! Whether it be skiing the highest peak in the Rockies, jumping out to create Altitude, flying across the Atlantic, seeing my loved ones excel, watching Arsenal from the highest seat in the Emirates, our Altitude Squad reaching another level or being part of some amazing client achievements – reaching new heights is what I love the most!

My story

Whilst on holiday in the US my wife and I did a tubing trip where we drifted with the current 3 miles down the Missouri river in the sunshine drinking beer. As it seemed so easy, I pledged to Kayak down the Missouri River (2,341 miles) in one trip before I reach the age of 50. During lockdown in 2020 I at least bought a Kayak and managed a high of 9.22 miles in the lake district in one session…so only 2,332 miles more to train for!

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