Xerocon London 2022 Recap: from the ABC’s to the 123’s

After a three-year hiatus, Xerocon London RETURNED with two full days of the very latest and greatest innovations, industry trends and insights from across the UK’s Xero community.

The A-Z of what we learnt!

Numbers Ninja Hayleigh Richards and Business Balancer Lottie Comfort give their A-Z Xerocon London rundown.


A is for Analytics Plus – using Xero data to bring accurate cashflow forecasting.
B is for Bubble & Dogs – who doesn’t want a glass of bubbles and a hot dog at any point in the day?
C is for Collate, sign and send – vital documents can be signed and sent all within tax workflow.
D is for Digitalisation – bringing everything to your fingertips wherever you are!
E is for Efficiency – utilising the apps on the market and the functions of Xero to drive efficiency.
F is for FIFA – Xero are now the official sponsors for FIFA women!
G is for Go, XeroGo – a brand new tool for self-employed individuals.
H is for Help – Xero has a platform of how to guides and community pages where other users can assist with any issues.


I is for Inspired – An internal aim is for Graham or Amy to be on the stage talking about how Altitude began and how we empower our clients through digital accounting.
J is for Juggling – Xero is building its infrastructure to streamline tasks as part of its core offerings so you no longer have to juggle various data sources.
K is for Kind – Being kind to yourself and understanding what triggers your stresses while learning how to manage that.
L is for Learning – Xero has education month each February AND training courses available 24/7.
M is for Meetings – We all love a good Zoom meeting, but catching up face to face is always a treat.
N if for Next year Amy will buy the tickets (too soon to joke 😉).


O is for Ollie Beale – This young lad became Xero’s youngest ever Certified Advisor at 13! He was congratulated at 2019 Xerocon and brought back on this year as he has inspired so many young people. As a thank you, Xero are paying for his university or equivalent education!
P is for Party – Accountants are not boring and Xero sure know how to throw a party!
Q is for Questions – “Xero Ask” allows us to ask questions directly to you through the website! It keeps everything in one place making it quick, simple and easy for our clients.
R is for Reports – Bye bye old reports hello new ones. Xero has worked hard to give us the ability to edit and customise reports to give our clients what they want at the click of a button.
S is for Sustainability – A big theme of the event – we are all responsible for making the small changes to help limit our carbon footprint. What can you do to start making the change?


T is for Tools & Apps – Do we have the right “App stacks” for our clients, can we help drive efficiency, something we are developing at Altitude to better serve you.
U is for Users – We want to empower our clients to be active users of Xero so they can access real time data to help shape future decisions of their business.
V is for Venue – The location, décor and space utilisation was on point, felt like we were in a maze of accounting gold!
W is for Worldwide – Apps partners, accountants and Xero staff all coming together under one roof.
X is for Xerocon 2022 – Back with a bang after 3 years away.
Y is for Young ones! – With technology moving at such a pace we need to be aware of the needs of the younger generation to keep up with their desire for quick, transparent data.

Z is for Zone –

We are in the zone to help our clients, build our Altitude app deck and utilise the tools we have. Bring it on!

What is Xerocon?

Xerocon London is one of the UK’s largest accounting technology conferences. It’s about inspiring the next generation of accountants and bookkeepers, and pioneering a new era of cloud solutions. Throughout the event attendees have the opportunity to listen to industry leaders, get expert insight into new and innovative ways to grow accounting practices and network with marketplace partners and the wider Xero community.


Our 30 second summary

  • Xerocon London is one of the UK’s largest accounting technology conferences. It’s about inspiring the next generation of accountants and bookkeepers, and pioneering a new era of cloud solutions.
  • After a three-year hiatus, Altitude’s Hayleigh Richards and Lottie Comfort give an A-Z rundown of what they learnt
  • Check out the 24 things we’re bringing back to inspire you, our clients!