Hayleigh Richards

Numbers Ninja
Talk to me about your reporting goals!

Talk to me about your reporting goals!

Having worked in both an accounting practice environment and a variety of industries, I understand the importance of having accurate numbers each month to gauge how your business is tracking. Let’s discuss what key performance indicators are important to you, check your performance against budgets, throw in some cash flow forecasting and we can achieve the best visibility for you.

My qualifications

MAAT, FCCA, Xero Certified Advisor

My passion

To keep learning and pushing myself to be better. I love meeting new people and understanding their journey. There is always someone out there who will know something you don’t, so every new interaction can be a learning curve. Any sense of humility that the above might have given off goes out of the window when it comes to playing sports or any level of competition really. I am ridiculously competitive and want my team to be the best, no one can tell me otherwise!

My story

I love to travel and have been lucky enough to see some beautiful places around the world. When I went to Vietnam, I did manage to make my life incredibly difficult by accidentally soaking my passport in mosquito spray, damaging the passport picture beyond recognition. Cue a trip to the embassy to get an emergency passport, an hour-long grilling from the Vietnamese police at the airport, and you best believe it’s a mistake I won’t make again! I’m sure if I’d have known Amy at the time, she would have told me to put my passport and important documents in a plastic wallet…even if her kids passports were out of date, they would have been safe, right? 😉

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